The 2022 edition of Nemo's Almanac is now available: email or text for copies, (but hurry—stocks are running low); it provides frustration, enlightenment, entertainment, and satisfaction all the way through to next August.


To order, email the editor at, or at

Price still £4, or 3 copies for £10. 


The cost of postage continues to increase, so contributions towards it are greatly appreciated. A single copy costs 85p to post in the UK, 2 or 3 copies £1.83. 


Payment, please, by BACS (to Nemo's Almanac, sort code 40-16-08, account number 04336208), by PayPal to my PayPal account, which is, by cheque to Nemo's Almanac, or in cash.


Nemo is always happy to engage in correspondence.