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The 2024 edition of Nemo's Almanac is available NOW


To order online, email the editor at, or at

The price is still £4, or 3 copies for £10. 


The cost of domestic and overseas postage continues to increase, so that needs to be added on. A single copy now costs 110p (first-class) or 75p (second-class) to post in the UK, 2 or 3 copies £2.25 or 1.85. 


Payment, please, by BACS (to Nemo's Almanac, sort code 40-16-08, account number 04336208), by PayPal to my PayPal account, which is, by cheque to Nemo's Almanac, or in cash.


Nemo is always happy to engage in correspondence. It cheers the editor up to get mail.

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